The Auxiliary to the VFW Mission 

Women have been nursing sick and wounded warriors back to health for as long as men have been going into battle. Until recently, this was a necessity. Governments didn’t provide enough medical facilities. Medical care was often so abysmal that more men died of disease and food poisoning than of wounds.

Today, the Auxiliary includes both men and women. Both are involved in a kaleidoscopic range of activities. While continuing to support the VFW and its causes, the Auxiliary has developed a conscience of its own. With the goal of helping families in distress, the members do the following:

  • Community service
  • Cancer research funding
  • Fight drug abuse and illiteracy
  • Advocate for the rights of the elderly
  • Support VFW National Home, Special Olympics, and other worthy causes
With their inexhaustible supply of goals and members, the Auxiliary is here to stay.
Decorated float

A Brief History of the Auxiliary 

In 1914, the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was founded. In 1934, the Cherryland Auxiliary to Post 2780 was chartered.

The following Auxiliary members have been District 13’s past presidents:
  • Ruth Miller
  • Ila Elder
  • Rosemary Merritt
  • Mabel Sbonek
  • Ravena Basch
  • Bertha Smith
  • Delores Bradford
  • Adella Sheldon
  • Margaret Adams
  • Dorothy McManus
  • Ellen Barger
  • Cecilia Pickard
  • Beverly Proctor
A group of women 

Who can Join the Auxiliary?

The following can be a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States:
  • Wife / husband
  • Widow / widower
  • Mother / father
  • Foster and stepmother / father (who has performed a parent’s duties)
  • Grandmother / father
  • Daughter / son
  • Granddaughter / son
  • Foster and stepdaughter / son (who has attained the status before the age of 16 and for who the duties of a parent were performed)
  • Sister / brother
  • Half-sister / brother
  • Foster and stepsister / brother (who has attained that status before the age of 16)
Members must be US citizens and not less than 16 years old. Women who are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall be eligible for dual membership in the Auxiliary.

Officers of the Auxiliary to Post 2780

  • President: Vicki Luckey
  • Sr. Vice President: Keith French
  • Jr. Vice President: Bonnie Fashbaugh
  • Treasury: Mike Lince
  • Secretary: Julie Kincannon
  • Chaplain: Gloria Janka
  • Conductress: Carol Kingman
  • Guard: Paul Muller